Saturday, 29 March 2014

Small but Steady Steps!


There is some clear blue sky out there and I am taking advantage of that in here!

I am a new bee and wanna bee but I can't afford to go by this label for too long.

I have sought help and helas just as with my Word Press venture, I had to find a way of helping myself.

You should know not all people pick it up as quickly as others especially with all these bloggermatics and IT stuff right?

I still don't know where my comment/spam box is or how I am to unactive the automatic activation of the spam button for the #AtoZ Challenge.

I am also yet to figure out how to save my posts to the corresponding pages.

What I have been able to do is to schedule all my posts for the #AtoZ Challenge and today, hmm I just chose a different template for my blog. I even customised some and although it is still within the keep it simple bloc, I am proud of my small but Steady Steps!

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