Sunday, 23 February 2014

Publice Service Announcement, And I went Live

Dear all, this is a public service announcement:

You got the preface

You got the trailer

You got the contents

You got the why

You even got a star chapter on Marriage My Refuge

And now in all modesty, I give all to you LIVE: My Amazon Author Page

Thanks in advance for all your comments, reviews and love (or em hate? well that would be honest critical reviews too right?)

Friday, 14 February 2014

Happy Valentine Day to all - especially to 'us'!


This is my heartfelt contribution on this day. I write this for the likes of the 'us' in the house.

To those women like me who have been shattered and tattered by life and refuse to be shattered!

For all the men, who like my father, my ex husband and my boyfriend, have received those hits in life 
which you alone can best feel when your wife walks out on you!

I say don't give up cause Love is still in the air, yes even for 'us'.

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

~~On the Wrong Page~~: ~~I'm Fine~~

~~On the Wrong Page~~: ~~I'm Fine~~: No regrets. No urges. No tears. No madness. I'm fine-- I mean it this time. I swear I'm fine. I can smile agai...

I can only do justice to such a beautifu poem by sharing it here in its entirety! Happy mid week pals and happy Val's day in 48 hours!

No regrets.
No urges.
No tears.
No madness.

I'm fine--
I mean it this time.
I swear
I'm fine.

I can smile again.
I can laugh again.
I can feel my heart beat.
I can feel my heart beat....

I'm fine, so please
Understand why:
It's because
You stood by me.

Without you near,
I wouldn't be here:
I'd have turned and ran,
Or leapt.

I would have given
Up on this world,
If it wasn't for the silent
Watchers who stayed.

I can breathe....
I can laugh....
I can sing....
I can write...

I love you,
My readers.
I love you,
My saviors.

It's thanks
To you

Monday, 10 February 2014

Preface to my Book

Ok, before you buy a book wouldn't you want to know what to expect?

I sure will and so I share the preface with you my viewers and hopeful followers.

I am aware of the anticipation and excitement building up to the dateline of March 01.
I am equally aware of the feeling to want to know some more about this mystery memoir of mine with such a tell it all title.
"I am what many will call a dynamic and determined woman. I go by the three Ds of Determination-Discipline-Dedication and yes in most of what I do I strive to do it to my best.
This led me through a life’s lane of Hurts, Adulteries and Redemption as I tried to live out what I consider my 3 in 1 life. How do I understand and live fully my Spiritual, Physical and emotional life? It surely is a tough feat but we can only admit that until we strike some kind of balance to do that, we live on restlessly until we rest somewhere.
I got to a point in my life and I realized even suicide wasn’t a solution, I realized living parallel lives wasn’t a way out, I realized recognizing, accepting, loving oneself in all forgiveness and above all starting all over again and again was much better.
Think of if we had Mary Magdalene’s own memoir in our hands. Well she to me is better because it was her occupation as a ‘free woman” and yet I wasn't for most part of my book. Most of my official documents except for my birth certificate recorded my status as married!
So what will lead a ‘married’ woman to live such a life of spite and end up ‘eloping with a kid’ leaving her 3 children behind is what this book is all about.
My Unconventional Loves narrates My Hurts – My Adulteries – My Redemption. It is My Story of Faith and My God’s unconditional love for me and writing this book is My Therapy.
I sincerely want to make My Mess My Message and My Test My Testimony. I truly hope it Helps more than it Hurts. Well this is my Alter Ego."
I would gladly appreciate a comment or two after all, this week is Love's week right?

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Universal Productivity Code: Asaah's Law

Universal Productivity Code: Asaah's Law: Asaah’s Law: “Nothing is ever done if we have to wait for everyone to be convinced that it ought to be done and does not need to be convin... Courtesy of Oliver Assah - I can't wait to read his featured publication on the Broken Bond!

Asaah's Law

Asaah’s Law: “Nothing is ever done if we have to wait for everyone to be convinced that it ought to be done and does not need to be convinced for so long that time runs out to do something else.” Oliver Asaah

Asaah’s Law Explained

Never wait for approval from other people to carry out projects that matter to you and that you care about. If you wait for their approval, it will take forever and time will run out especially as time waits for no one.

If there is a change you have to make, go ahead and make it happen; after all people are usually resistant to change whereas it might be that change that will see you through the deep waters of your desires and the most soul-searching dreams and aspirations of your life. Wait for no one! How much do other people have for you and your life? The sobering answer is: NOT MUCH.

You might as well ignore their rather ignominious interventions and contraventions. Take your route and do everything to be a student rather than be a follower. 

Students take information, assimilate it, add their own wit to it and apply it in a careful manner. On the other hand, followers run after the footprints of the leader sometimes sheepishly and often ignore the new dispensations; Ingenuity is usually not their best asset.

Correct knowledge applied correctly is power. Wisdom is simply the wary application of knowledge not to garnish or adorn your window but to enable motivated and sustained efforts come to fruition. The ultimate goal here is to accomplish your dreams in life. That is the underlining morale embedded in Asaah’s Law.

Oliver Asaah

Friday, 7 February 2014

Tossing It Out: #IWSG: Don't Let Me Die Before I Get Old

Tossing It Out: #IWSG: Don't Let Me Die Before I Get Old:                

 Don't feel insecure about your writing or your life.  Let the members of the #IWSG help.  "What?" you may...

This is the first post I am re-blogging and of course it could only originate from none other than our own Arlee Bird. I also relate with the topic discussed.

Personally, I attempted suicide when I was 30 and this can tell how much I wanted to die and be burried ... Ah ha, now five years on, I am striving and kind of real happy living.

I am thus trying to do so much for I don't know when I would go! My life is a beehive, my sleeping hours reduced, blogs and all sort of social media presences all started a few months ago when I moved country all together.

Well, thus goes LIFE!

My Featured Publication - March 1st !

I am who I am today, but I am the sum total of what I was yesterday.
I am definitely going to be so much more in the future but I have to credit my past in its entirety.
I am therefore publishing my first memoirs and in all honesty, I am proud to be doing so now more than ever – It is my BEST  Therapy and I hope it helps more than it hurts.
My Mess is henceforth My Message and My Tests My Testimonies.
Stay tuned and once more, Happy New Year to all!

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Les Brown Motivation - I can't get enough from great people like him!

I really hope we watch, be and stay inspired and motivated!

My 35th Birthday message to all!

I turned 35 on the 18th of January 2014 and I shared this with all.

I am hence sharing it with you my gentle to be followers here on Blogger and I hope it means something to someone.

Thanks for watching and kindly leave a comment or two?

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

A Meaningful Life ...

Yes, this is how I see it too today. I once thought the contrary. 

I thought I lived a meaningful life if I lived as per the conventions of my society, my family.

I thought I had to be accepted, to fit in, to find meaning.

Yes, I have always been a popular tag among my bunch and that popularity gave me "meaning"?

I however faked more than I fared. I lived parallel lives known to none but myself. Sure I sought high and higher education and of course aimed at being and staying rich. Had the cars, a beautiful home, children and a husband to grant me the highly converted status of MRS...!

Well, one day, I couldn't run from my own shadows no more. I hurt more than I could help my own self. Thought I could drown myself in adulterous relationships and even attempted suicide. All of these were still known to none but me.

Then it dawned on me that I alone could give meaning to my life. I got real with myself. Humbly looked and faced myself in the mirror. My modest option was to out from it all. Got no support from my "bunch" yet still did out I did.

Support did come later but I was already on my way to a FULL, HAPPY and CONTENTED LIFE. I have thus decided, to push or pull it further by sharing myself in all honesty that I may touch the lives of others.

What you say my hope to get gentle followers?

Saturday, 1 February 2014

I am gearing for the A - Z Championship 2014

Just wish me luck for I am a very very newbie!

It all about Honesty in here...

I wonder who doesn’t appreciate honesty? Who wouldn't like to be taken for their words or take others for what they say?
Well, I remember growing up and loving to speak my mind in all honesty and yes to own up to my mistakes. However, with teenage, came dishonesty.
That’s where the above picture of mine fits into this post. It isn’t because I want to you you that I took oath as a Lawyer, oh no, it is because that day coincides with the period when I finally decided that henceforth, no more dishonesty.
I said to myself, you won’t be dishonest with yourself, your family and the entire world. You would live your life to the best of your understanding, possibilities and belief.
I realized all my years of dishonesty had hurt me most and driven me to the meanest of actions either in consolation of my parallel lives or to keep my illusions a float.
I soon after taking that oath, and the personal oath in me, wrote lengthy letters to my Ex Husband, and my parents trying to make then understand that I was leaving my marriage and them all because of my dishonesty.
Well, my featured publication tells more of my tale. All I can say for now is, since I resolved to live an honest and yes ‘open’ as a ‘book’ life, I am at peace with my self and happy with my life. You are all invited to the two events on g+ and facebook for the launch on the 1st of March 2014.
Dear gentle followers of mine, what is your take on this delicate concept and virtue?