Thursday, 10 April 2014

I as in ...


l wrote and encouraged us all to always Hope barely 24 hours ago, and here I am writing on Insecurities? 

Well yes because the insecurities we deal with in life, have, hang on to or have shoved our way, impair our ability to even hope or live a meaningful life.

Yes, this is a good quote I found on insecurities:

I personally have had and still have to deal with lots of insecurity. Insecurity in various relationships and circumstances, intellectually, professionally and socially. I wanted so badly to 'Belong', to be 'approved' to be 'conventional'.

I know some what insecurity can do, I have a whole book on how I lived parallel lives thanks largely to my insecurities which I couldn't face.

So, on this day of the #AtoZ Challenge, I challenge myself and us all to face them those insecurities and to this end, I appreciate the insecure writers group I stumbled on. Although I sort for notice in that group to no avail, I dealt with that and no longer feel insecure as a writer. They however have lots of useful resources which I will use and well I will try getting noticed again. I therefore think it is up to us...

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