Wednesday, 2 April 2014

B as in ...

Black Man's Time (BMT)

The Urban dictionary defines this as "A very relaxed concept of time, as used by black people the world over... aiming to get somewhere at 1 when it starts at 12 and actually get there at 2.30"

I have trouble with the whole notion of the so called BMT and hence I make it my day two post for the #AtoZ Challenge. 

I am Black but I sincerely don't remember having a time different from that of the rest of the world nor being very relaxed about the concept of time so to speak.  

I remember arriving in Church for my wedding even before the priest and my groom just because I hate this concept. I had scheduled to publish my book latest March 1st 2014 and I worked very hard and got it published on the 22nd of February. To me, time is of the essence and we already have sufficient timezones to start including "BMTs and so on".

So, I am not only challenging myself throughout this month to finish this challenge and post at 01:00 each day, but I am equally challenging whoever comes across my post to revisit their punctuality. I will argue with facts that there are some whites who adhere to BMT even more than Blacks!

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