Thursday, 3 April 2014

C as in ...


Why should I Care to write about Care? Why should you Care to read what I write about Care? What authority do I have to write about Care? How much do I know or Care enough to advocate for us all to Care some more.

Well, I will keep it concise and precise. 
I Care because Life makes more sense to me when I do. I Care because I love life and all what I find here below. 

You should Care too because life is one big puzzle
 and if we don't Care, then we will never solve nor even attempt to solve that puzzle nor mean a damn to any other person.

Now, Care is a Challenge to us all and we all know how, when and why. The world today seems to care more for pets and gadgets than for their fellow human being.  

Although I may have little or no authority other than my frail and human nature - being, I know and have been through quiet a lot and equally seen and read much more which leaves me concluding that if only we cared a little bit more... a lot of blood will be saved and this to fits in with the great #AtoZ Challenge!

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