Monday, 7 April 2014

F as in ...


I am glad to start my week two of the #AtoZ Challenge with a post on family.

Today, many families are at dagger drawn. Some will use terms like dysfunctional or mono parental or same sex couple families and what have you.

Families like mine are spread all over the globe, hmm it is tough just to keep in touch. The family I even tried to create by a six year marriage, crumbled right under my own nose leaving so many innocent  victims in its tsunamis.

Yet, love must prevail and we must not only love online or our new blogger families and all the like. No, I dare Challenge myself and us all to think seriously about it. Surely, the notion of Family isn't anymore like in the 'Sicily Mafia era' but I dare think we could try a little bit more...

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