Thursday, 15 May 2014

Making the best of my London (mis) Adventures

Last week, I was in London for five good days. I was so excited at the trip. I had planned up so many things to do, people to visit and much more.

Poor me who did not take into account the length of time to go through border control at the airport, especially if you had the misfortune of arriving on the day the computers were not working.

The wait made headlines and people got real nervous. Kids were crying, some old, handicapped and etc collapsed, I found this article on the net which even carries some tweets: A four hour computer glitch blabla. I was so tired, dashing to the airport straight from the office, l couldn't bear myself to take pictures or tweet.

Worst of all, I was still going to go into London by Train, and then to Abbeywood on the Southeastern line. I missed several trains because l only left that airport at 23h. When I got to London Bridge, I took the wrong train to Abbeywood. I got to Bartford instead and now there were no more trains for it was midnight.

l had planned on taking one of those luxurious London cabs for the treat of it but I never thought of doing that at midnight right? Yet I had no choice now. I however made up my mind to enjoy the ride and try to sight-see whatever l could. Haha, l saw sure nothing, cause am no owl!

The next day, I was up early to crisscross 'magic' London by train once more to Bedford. I was at London Bridge at 8 am but oh no, my low fare train ticket was valid as from 9.30 am. It was raining but I wasn't to be depressed. I pulled myself out onto the bridge and did walk a mile or two.

Back to London two days latter, I had to go by train to Forest Hill, and once more the trains were not working on that line and we had to take rail replacements. There was a connection to crown it all.

Again, I had hoped to go onto one of those tour buses but well my budget was now very tight. Thanks to the rail replacement, I saw quiet some of London and took a picture or two.

This was in the tube corridor - morale of the lesson, 'never go to work early'.

 I also pleasantly discovered the English don't joke with Beer. This video is of a drunk who disrupted rail service by at least 15 minutes. To get him off the train took 10 minutes , then he threatened to jump onto the rail.


On Sunday morning, I left home to visit more of London Bridge area and make the best of my (mis) adventures. I didn't see all those I wanted to, but I saw most, I didn't go to Canterbury as I had hoped to, but I met a friend who showed me round Westminster and all. I n the end, I enjoyed my trip and hey, the airport computers were up and rolling on my return trip.

Do you dear readers have any such souvenirs? Life is also about making lemonade out of limes right?

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