Friday, 4 April 2014

D as in ...


I will say, Dare 2 Dare. If we don't dare in life, we could hardly fare. Well, so I think and challenge myself to do time and again.

When I came to Belgium a year ago, I was told by many to just try to survive the way they advised. I was told I was black and no good dreaming in this world. I was told America was better and that even to go there, I had to work very very hard.

So this is what I did, I remembered coming across this 

 and I decided I wanted that special magic. I Dared to Dream and then I Dared to Dare. I applied for those 'jobs' and and Dared asked for a wage. Guess what, I got more than those!

So, on this day of the #AtoZ Challenge, and to those of us still finding reason to sit back and complain about how tough life is, why don't we instead Dare to Dream and Do something that will allow us to feel and get the MAGIC!

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