Monday, 19 May 2014


Oh my, on this 17th of November 2013, I sensationally started my blogging life with wordpress. Wow, as if to celebrate my efforts, contributions and all, I get not one but 5 awards – isn’t that something to blog about?
See them for yourself then read on:
Quintet of Radiance award
Quintet of Radiance award
I was dazed when I got a notification from my blogging pal

“VISHAL BHEEROO on his blog: Scripting the story of life”

Ok, now there is a little ‘fun work’ to do in claiming the award but who wouldn’t do that for a Quintet of radiance award?
1. Display the logo in a post.
2. Thank the blogger who nominated you and link back-Ananya
3. Using the alphabet, describe yourself in a word or phrase.
4. Nominate few Bloggers.
Simple rules for me hahaha
Dear Vishal, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I have never received a blogging award before:
Now, next to the heroine who started this quintet of radiance trail; the beautiful, dynamic and passionate Ananya and her tales. Check her out for yourselves lest I do her less justice by missing out something. Just one or two things now, please don’t forget to:
Vote for her on Facebook for Mrs India Washington and discover the amazing bundle of talent that she is. Follow the following links to vote for her:
Ok then, back to my nominations: I got five
1) Vidiya the Smile Collector at
2) Lidiya the Success and happiness Cheerleader at
3) Michelle and her babbling books at
4) June my Jamaican heroine at
5) last but not the list is Timi my sister from another mother at
I hope they accept the award and are glad too.
Now to retro myself using the alphabet -hmm, let’s see what it gives: 
  A as in Ayo my nickname of choice, an exclamation, means joy in some dialect
B as in Bold yes I could face the D….
C as in Curious, I know they say it killed the cat but am no cat
D as in daring – sure I dare to Dare
E as in exercise- it keeps both my physical and emotional weight in sound balance
F as in fighter, an aunt has always called me one
G ad in good, I can’t think of evaluating myself any less
H as in Happy yes I make that choice to be even in the midst of …
I as in insecure do have those moments too
J as in jokes, do love me them, some say am a clown
K as in Karate, one thing I missed learning – could have come in handy I think
L as in Love, hmm I can love unconditionally and unconventionally – just read my book
M as in Merry Marie- thinking seriously about making it a brand
N as in No – not scared of using that word and meaning it
O as in open minded to both critics, schools of thought, people and all
P as in people, I know I have to choose who I hang out with for here below we have + and – people
Q as in quiet – sometimes I can be so quiet you won’t believe it’s me
R as in rustic – yes you can’t tell all this woman knows, my reviews tells what some think
S as in strong – I know without being told that if l weren’t strong, l would have vanished by now
T as in Thank you – I love saying it and meaning it
U as in Universal – I believe that the universal principle of Do unto others what you would want others do unto you, supersedes all religion
V values – I have them many but henceforth, honesty tops my chart
W as in wife, I tried to be one and failed woefully – aiming again though :)
X as in x-ray, I perform one on me every now and then
Y as in yes, am almost done, and yes I can if I set out to
Z as in zzzzzzzzzzz when it’s bed time, I switch off like a log
Dear Gentle readers and followers of mine, hope you join me in celebrating this award by commenting and sharing!

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