Thursday, 8 May 2014

l SURVIVED: MY 1st AtoZ Challenge memory lane

Today, I not only reflect on the #atoz challenge 2014, but I tap myself as a proud survivor.

I remember trying to back out twice. I really felt intimidated by all the blogs I browsed, the team and the preparations and all.

My first pretext was, surely blogging each day is not my routine and am still struggling to build my niche. So I wrote the organizers and asked to be crossed out. They asked for my blog number which I couldn't find anymore. I had created a new blog all together so that if I balled out during the challenge, nobody would notice, care or comment.

Mid March, oh no not even a single post schedule. Woman are you crazy? That nagging voice mocked, get out, get lost and save face before it is too late. I decided to do otherwise, I wrote like crazy and in 3 days I had 26 posts scheduled. I kept them short and simple and my theme helped. I had played safe by hanging on to random thoughts of mine. Hahaha

D Day I lashed out loud with a post on Adultery and I was like be ready for the hammer. But no, I got support, empathy, hugs and all. And so I went through up on to my T post - THANK YOU! This was my climax, for me it was my finals before the finals. That Thank you meant so much. And as if #Lee felt it just like when I once commented on his blog about my failed suicide attempt, he commented on that post.

Just tell me what more a newbee and wannabee like myself could dream of other than a comment from #Lee, and others from #Michelle, #J.L. Campbell, #Vidiya and her smiles and all the others too.

I visited lots of blogs on random subjects ranging from dogs, tradition, education, religion, society and hmm, I loved #Michelle's babbling books and the smiles #Vidiya collected.

I made some blogging friends too from as far as India like my pal #Vishal, and got hooked to #J.L. Campbell's books where after distraction, I learning how not to get Mad but better get Even.

Should I reveal my theme for next year now: oh no let me not spoil the fun. I stop for now while thanking all the wonderful team, mignons and all and wishing us all the best!

Yours sincerely, Marie a proud:

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