Saturday, 1 February 2014

It all about Honesty in here...

I wonder who doesn’t appreciate honesty? Who wouldn't like to be taken for their words or take others for what they say?
Well, I remember growing up and loving to speak my mind in all honesty and yes to own up to my mistakes. However, with teenage, came dishonesty.
That’s where the above picture of mine fits into this post. It isn’t because I want to you you that I took oath as a Lawyer, oh no, it is because that day coincides with the period when I finally decided that henceforth, no more dishonesty.
I said to myself, you won’t be dishonest with yourself, your family and the entire world. You would live your life to the best of your understanding, possibilities and belief.
I realized all my years of dishonesty had hurt me most and driven me to the meanest of actions either in consolation of my parallel lives or to keep my illusions a float.
I soon after taking that oath, and the personal oath in me, wrote lengthy letters to my Ex Husband, and my parents trying to make then understand that I was leaving my marriage and them all because of my dishonesty.
Well, my featured publication tells more of my tale. All I can say for now is, since I resolved to live an honest and yes ‘open’ as a ‘book’ life, I am at peace with my self and happy with my life. You are all invited to the two events on g+ and facebook for the launch on the 1st of March 2014.
Dear gentle followers of mine, what is your take on this delicate concept and virtue? 

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