Wednesday, 5 February 2014

A Meaningful Life ...

Yes, this is how I see it too today. I once thought the contrary. 

I thought I lived a meaningful life if I lived as per the conventions of my society, my family.

I thought I had to be accepted, to fit in, to find meaning.

Yes, I have always been a popular tag among my bunch and that popularity gave me "meaning"?

I however faked more than I fared. I lived parallel lives known to none but myself. Sure I sought high and higher education and of course aimed at being and staying rich. Had the cars, a beautiful home, children and a husband to grant me the highly converted status of MRS...!

Well, one day, I couldn't run from my own shadows no more. I hurt more than I could help my own self. Thought I could drown myself in adulterous relationships and even attempted suicide. All of these were still known to none but me.

Then it dawned on me that I alone could give meaning to my life. I got real with myself. Humbly looked and faced myself in the mirror. My modest option was to out from it all. Got no support from my "bunch" yet still did out I did.

Support did come later but I was already on my way to a FULL, HAPPY and CONTENTED LIFE. I have thus decided, to push or pull it further by sharing myself in all honesty that I may touch the lives of others.

What you say my hope to get gentle followers?

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