Monday, 10 February 2014

Preface to my Book

Ok, before you buy a book wouldn't you want to know what to expect?

I sure will and so I share the preface with you my viewers and hopeful followers.

I am aware of the anticipation and excitement building up to the dateline of March 01.
I am equally aware of the feeling to want to know some more about this mystery memoir of mine with such a tell it all title.
"I am what many will call a dynamic and determined woman. I go by the three Ds of Determination-Discipline-Dedication and yes in most of what I do I strive to do it to my best.
This led me through a life’s lane of Hurts, Adulteries and Redemption as I tried to live out what I consider my 3 in 1 life. How do I understand and live fully my Spiritual, Physical and emotional life? It surely is a tough feat but we can only admit that until we strike some kind of balance to do that, we live on restlessly until we rest somewhere.
I got to a point in my life and I realized even suicide wasn’t a solution, I realized living parallel lives wasn’t a way out, I realized recognizing, accepting, loving oneself in all forgiveness and above all starting all over again and again was much better.
Think of if we had Mary Magdalene’s own memoir in our hands. Well she to me is better because it was her occupation as a ‘free woman” and yet I wasn't for most part of my book. Most of my official documents except for my birth certificate recorded my status as married!
So what will lead a ‘married’ woman to live such a life of spite and end up ‘eloping with a kid’ leaving her 3 children behind is what this book is all about.
My Unconventional Loves narrates My Hurts – My Adulteries – My Redemption. It is My Story of Faith and My God’s unconditional love for me and writing this book is My Therapy.
I sincerely want to make My Mess My Message and My Test My Testimony. I truly hope it Helps more than it Hurts. Well this is my Alter Ego."
I would gladly appreciate a comment or two after all, this week is Love's week right?

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