Monday, 14 April 2014

L as in ...


Yes, I start off week three of this noble #AtoZ Challenge with a post on Love. 
We all know so much about this magic word right?

I will write instead about a special kind of love, Unconditional Love. I will even stretch by thinking of Unconventional Love. To me, I would rather have people show it to me than say it to me. 

When I gathered the courage and the inner love to face my demons and burry them all in a most unconventional book, I started to get the difference between Love and Unconditional Love.

Hmm, from where I expected the love to be unconditional, it was most subjective. Well, as for me, I will continue to Love and Love unconditionally. Who am I to 'judge' anyway. 

I venture to challenge myself and us all for I sincerely think there is much more benefit in Loving than in Hating for anyone to waste time otherwise? Unless, you love this picture?

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