Tuesday, 1 April 2014

A as in ...

I start off the #A toZ Challenge in a most unconventional way. Or so I think and hope after all, what do I have to loose?

 I am unconventional, I am an adulterous woman or rather I was. I got married for the wrong reasons, well as wrong as not getting married out of Love but because I was looking for a refuge.

Hmm, it got so hot in there that I found another 'refuge' out there. Yes, in the arms of other men. I did it once, then twice then a few more times and each time with different men. That was Adultery big time.

I am lawyer and could defend myself if caught and sued; yet, Adultery is not a 'crime' if you aren't caught and prosecuted. Adultery to me is not even a Sin, for as much as I am not religious. Yes, Adultery to me is a plain moral outrageous thing to do.

So, when I caught myself in those despicable acts and could face myself no more, I fled. I fled the marriage, ran away from my own kids (left them behind in that same marriage), and left the country all together.

I speak up today and have a whole book about it not only as a mea culpa, but as a call for action that society needs to start thinking more about about the causes and effect of this canker worm ...!

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