Wednesday, 9 April 2014

H as in ...


I mean what is a more befitting H letter post I could possibly write on in this first brush with the #AtoZ Challenge?

I hope and really have high hope about this Challenge, the outcome of my participation and my blogging and other ventures moving on.

Think of it, what will life mean if we took hope away. I remember even the religious trio which says Faith, Hope and Charity although they say Charity is the greatest of all.

Well, as for me, if I don't Hope even in the moral satisfaction I will get in being Charitable, I wouldn't be. I wouldn't have Faith and act on it if I didn't Hope in a positive outcome for my life and whatever it was I undertaking or looking forward to.

So, lets not loose hope and lets challenge ourselves to hold on or move on even when it pains to do so for that is the true meaning of HOPE!

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