Saturday, 5 April 2014

E as in ...


Yes, Today is the fifth day of the #AtoZ Challenge, the end of week one,  and I want to write about Women's Empowerment.

What the fuss some have often asked me? Well, simply because I think I and surely several other Women have had enough:

Enough of the second, third, fourth and last class treatment whereas we make up over half of the world's population and give birth to the other half.

Enough of all the abuse, you name them (Sexual, physical, mental, emotional, sociological, and ...). I am a victim both individually and collectively.

Enough of all the dis-empowerment all in the name of Cultures, traditions and religions!

Time for action is now more than ever. Women suffer most as a result of Wars, Conflicts, Poverty and you name the rest.

Economically, socially, emotionally and all other 'lys', it is time Women took themselves seriously and the men gave or supported our 'struggle' or know no peace! 

I am a Community Champion for Women's Economic Empowerment, the Regional Manager Africa with the Women In Parliament Global Forum, and much more. I am a feminist and Proud to Be!

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