Thursday, 17 April 2014

O as in ...


Yesterday I posted on this cool word NO and I said I have decided to use the word as much as any other. So today I want to say I will be Open minded and no longer tow the line.

I will open my spirit to other teachings and open my heart to new loves and ways of living. 

Oh yes, wait a minute I will open up to the world and the various cultures I can muster.

I had for so long lived under the constraints and restraints of cultural prerogatives, religious dogmas and much more; What I can do, not do, and may do if and only if... fill the dots.

Life to me now makes more sense. 

I have opened up my innermost self to the world and written it all in a book. I am now open to embrace more challenges and yes without hesitation. It is like I am starting again and to me, this #AtoZ Challenge is just one of those!

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