Wednesday, 23 April 2014

T as in ...

Thank you

I mean, were I to finish this #AtoZ Challenge without expressing my gratitude with a post, then that would be so mean I think or don't you? (I know there are 6 more days to go hahaha)

There are those 3 or so little words I have personally come to confirm that people are so scare to use. You know them I am sure and they are Please, Sorry and Thank You.

Yet, using those words really don't harm or reduce anything of our might, height and weight or so I think.

Using those words for me, increase our sense of worthiness, our esteem, our ego, our humaneness or so I think.

I use it even with kids because they deserve it too and men that's how they learn best or so I think.

I use it with my pals too and even with those who feel they have that superiority complex which keeps them at the expecting end and gives them the 'right' not to use the word.

I want to Thank Arlee Bird and the dynamic team of hosts, mignons and all for this opportunity to find my own little corner on this 'Mighty' Platform.

I want to thank all those who have ventured onto this blog or who just scroll through it in their reader. Oh I dare not forget those who left a comment or two somewhere and on whose pretty blogs l have also been able to hop to and leave a hopefully nice little comment.

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