Wednesday, 16 April 2014

N as in ...


Hell no right? For once since this #AtoZ Challenge, I will use a negative word!

Wait a second, is it only a negative word simply because you dare say no when you are expected to say yes?

What is wrong, it is a word like every other so why not use it as often as you would use any other?

If you can't stand the abuse, say NO and get the hell out!

If you can't stand the Challenge, say NO and strike yourself out!

If you can't take the blame, face the shame or accept responsibility when you really didn't do nothing, then hell no just scream NO!

Say no to that mean inner voice trying to convince you you aren't worth it!

Scream NO to anyone who tries to tell you you aren't going to make it to the end of this Challenge or any other one you pick up and engage in in this life.

Well, as for me, I will use the word NO as often as I please for Yes I am done trying to please everyone and do it all and fight it all, and face it all and much more...

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