Tuesday, 15 April 2014

M as in ...


Oh come on, who doesn't love money? Who doesn't chase money? I mean even a junkie needs at least a dollar for a joint or whatever!

Since I promised myself that each of my post will have some personal stuff to it, I want to write about my brushes and love affairs with Money.

I have dated 'rich' (like who had more money) and 'poor' men alike but strangely enough, my best 'affairs' were with the 'poor' men.

I have lived with less than two dollars a day in Dubai and I now make more than two dollars a day in Brussels. Yet, my life was much more 'peaceful' in Dubai than here.

Maybe the only thing I really like about money is that it helps us solve problems, take care of our kids and offer ourselves treats every now and then.

But helas, when money itself becomes a source of problems, when money takes away your sleep, when money cannot buy you Love, then we need to reconsider our affinity to it. 

This is my challenge on this umpteenth day of the noble #AtoZ Challenge.

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