Monday, 21 April 2014

R as in ...


Wow, week three of the #AtoZ Challenge it is time for more serious stuff right?

So on this monday I will take on a risk to raise my bar and talk more about greater input to get a greater output!

Simply put, he who doesn't risk anything doesn't get anything.

A lot has been said about this and there is a lot of material online and in lots of written works challenging us all to be brave enough to make more investments and yes even risky one (after all what is not risky? Even child birth is right?)

I will just share a little experience of mine which is kind of a private risk but which is paying off emotionally now if I may put it this way.

When I came to Belgium, I knew I needed to find a boyfriend, lover or partner call it which ever. Yet I had to risk going online because I waited three months and nobody talked to me a frightful black woman just landed on the streets.

Simply, I took that risk and today I have a Super Hero in my life!

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